Join me for a month-long challenge where I teach you all about how to eat fruit on the THM plan, WITHOUT spiking your blood sugar, in a healing and slimming way.  You will get a calendar for the month that shows the fruit of the day.  You will learn the benefits of each fruit and how to eat it to bless your health!  We will also delve into fruitful scripture along the way! You will have LIFETIME access to this course as well as FREE accountability in my private Facebook Group for those who sign up for February 2024.
What Do I Need For This Course?
To enjoy this course to the fullest, I highly recommend getting any of these THM recipe books. I'll be using recipes from these books:
You can find these books by shopping for them on the Trim Healthy Mama Website. Click on my affiliate link below! I also have a coupon that gives you $5 off your first THM purchase. Just click the button below and visit my THM page.
THM StoreTHM Coupon
Trim Healthy also has a membership to their website, where you can get access to all their recipes, video tutorials, menus and so much more.
Use my code to get 10% off the price:  CI4670

If you need a cheaper alternative, another way to get your hands on these books is to check them out at your local library for free.  The books or membership are not necessary to participate in this course.  You can still learn how to eat fruit with grocery store food and no recipes!
What Is The Cost Involved?
This course will cost you only $31!
It's time to bear fruit!

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Please Note:
Once you have purchased this course, you should receive an email from me immediately. If you don't, please email me at so I can assist you!

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