What is the Healthy Hair Care course about?
I created this course because it's my most commonly asked question - how do you care for your hair?  So I decided to create one resource where you can find out how to care naturally for curly, long hair.   My hair wouldn't grow long and was dull, fine, and straight before I found out the right way to care for my scalp and hair.  This course addresses the Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle, eating the right foods to make your hair and scalp thrive with health.  This course is not just for curly hair people, but really addresses how if you're struggling with your hair, that it is telling you what may be going on with your health inside.   My goal is to help you have a healthy scalp and head of hair and to help you fix what problems you may be having.  I have spent years trying all the hair care products, so you don't have to waste your money, and will offer my best tips on caring, treating, styling, drying, sleeping on, and caring for long, curly hair.  I am not a professional, but I will show you everything I have learned on my own about using the least amount of time and effort on my natural hair.

Course Breakdown
The course consists of 25 lessons that include videos, graphics, and downloadable PDFs. It is self-paced and self-taught, so you can go through the course in your own time!
We will be addressing the importance of nutrition as well as what hair products and techniques I have found work best.
What is the Cost involved?
You get all of this life-changing value for
only $25!

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Once you have purchased this course, you should receive an email from me immediately. If you don't, please reach out and email me at faithhopecharity@charityingleright.com so that I can assist you!

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