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You use hair care products every week, but do you even know what’s actually in them?  Check your labels!  Chances are, you have a collection of hair products that are synthetically derived and filled with substances that can potentially harm your hair and your body as they absorb into your bloodstream. All the skin and hair care products we use add up, even trace amounts of toxic chemicals can accumulate in our bodies and burden our bodies, disrupt our hormones, and damage our nervous and reproductive systems. 

My go-to product after I wash my hair 2-3 times a week is a hair mask.  It's a must for me to keep healthy hair!  I need extra love because of my long, curly hair.  I add the hair mask in the shower and then I clip it up at the top of my head and let it sit as long as possible while I exfoliate my body, wash my face and shave. My goal is to leave it on 5-15 minutes a couple times a week.

Here is a favorite multi-use hair product that has healthy ingredients and works well for my curly, long, and snarly hair:

One Condition Hair MaskThis rich hair mask provides a boost of moisture and shine thanks to ultra-nourishing Coconut Oil, while a cocktail of botanical proteins work together to help strengthen weakened hair, prevent further breakage and encourage voluminous, healthy hair with our multi-use hair mask.
One Condition in the shower as hair mask

This product is amazing because it has so many uses!
LimeLife's multitasking hair mask can truly do it all: Style, soften, and strengthen. Meadowfoam Seed Oil, known for its ability to help repair damaged hair cuticles and prevent further breakage and split ends, expands each hair strand for a thickening, voluminous effect. Coconut Oil gently penetrates the hair shaft to soften hair and provide a boost of shine and moisture, for greater elasticity and less chance of breakage. A hybrid of botanical proteins, such as Bamboo, Quinoa, Algae, and Horsetail, work in tandem with Biotin to help strengthen weak hair. The result: your hair feels revitalized with a stunning shine, a luxuriously silky texture, and healthier looking than ever before!
MY CURLS AFTER RINSING OUT ONE CONDITIONMy Volume after One ConditionClipping my hair up to dry after One Condition

How do you use it?
As A Mask
After shampooing, apply a generous amount to damp hair. Make sure to massage evenly through the strands. Leave in for 5-15 minutes before rinsing out and styling as usual.

As A Leave-In Conditioner
Apply a quarter-size amount to clean, damp hair and comb through to distribute evenly. Style hair as usual.

As A Styling Aid
Apply a dime-sized amount before using heat tools and style as desired.

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One Condition has Horsetail in it.  I also take the herb Horsetail.
I have been buying vitamins from Nature Sunshine for our family for 18 years.

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Are you utilizing the avocado in your health journey?
Here is why you should:
 Avocado has protein, fat, carbs and fiber.Avocado has a little protein on top of the fat, so it can be used as part of your protein source in a meal, but I suggest adding a meat protein and/or  protein supplement to your meal with avocado, so you're getting around 25 grams of protein.

How much avocado is suggested in a meal on the THM plan?
  If you're in weight loss mode, it's recommended to eat 1/2 avocado in a meal because it's higher in calories due to the fat. It's kind of like nuts, which are suggested to limit if you're trying to lose weight.   But if avocado is your only fat and protein source, it's ok to do a whole avocado here occasionally.
Avocados are a wonderful immune system builder, antioxidant, great for your eyesight and have 7 grams of fiber in half of one.

Avocados pair so well with eggs in the morning or even on your toast for a healthy crossover meal.  

Avocados are great on your salads!
Rhonda’s ranch, fresh cilantro, spritz of lemon and avocado 🥑 
I make venison burger each week for easy meals. I added some frozen cauliflower rice and a tomato for a hot salad and topped with guacamole 🥑 
Tuna lettuce boats topped with avocado.

What if you really don't like avocado, but want the anti-inflammatory benefits from eating them?
Use Avocado OIL!
Zero taste, and still has all the health benefits!
Use 1 TBSP (15g fat) in an S setting or 1 tsp (5g fat) in an E/FP setting.

How do I get the best tasting oil and protective benefits?
Buy organic if at all possible.
Select avocado oils in dark bottles (this protects the oil from light - key for protecting those wonderful health properties!)
Use raw or at lower temps to get all the goodness that avocado oil has to offer.
Guess what? 
You can add avocado oil to your shakes to get
all the healthy omega 3 fats, anti-inflammatory benefits, and it has zero taste!
You can also buy frozen avocados to add to your shakes.

Do you have a baby?
 Avocados are the best first food to introduce to your baby! 
  Think about how easy it is to bring an avocado and a baby spoon anywhere to feed your baby quickly without mashing it up or making a mess.

Have you tried avocado in pudding?
Avocados are so creamy and smooth and make wonderful puddings and even ice cream. 
Try the Trimmy Choco Pudding using avocado in the Trim Healthy Table , page 439.

Avocado is the Superfood Spotlight of poddy 71 at the 46 minute mark.

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Avocados are amazing for skin health!
My Fountain of Youth course walks you through foods that make your skin vibrant, glowing and heathy!  This course is available anytime, but it comes with self-care accountability and "The Empowered Wife" study starting June 1st.  
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Benefits of Dry Brushing

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Have you heard of dry brushing?

I've been using a dry brush for ten years and find it very beneficial to not only making my skin softer, but for my health, too.

What is Dry Brushing?
A body massage with a dry, stiff-bristled brush that’s said to help get rid of flaky skin, increase circulation, detoxify, help digestion, and even improve the appearance of cellulite. 

How do you use a Dry Brush?
  Buying a long-handle brush is helpful for tough-to-reach areas like your back, but not necessary for other areas. 

What are the benefits?
Dry brushing helps unclog pores and excrete toxins that get trapped beneath the skin. Another benefit of dry brushing is that it’s similar to massage in decreasing stress, which is great for your health by eliminating anxiety.

Use this chart to understand your lymphatic pathways and where you need to push the toxins to release.
When should I do this? 
The best time to do dry brushing is before you take your shower when your skin is dry and without any lotions or oils on it.

How often should I do this?
I think it's best to make it part of your routine before you shower.  In the wintertime, I do it about four times a week when I'm in the sauna. I do it immediately before I start sweating.  Then I shower after being in the sauna.  In the Summer, I am not as consistent because the sauna is not part of my routine. My greatest advice is to make a plan and set it into action, whether it be once a week or once a day, but try to get it in once a week on the day you really want to lotion up or oil up your body to keep from getting dry.  It feels so invigorating and absolutely makes you feel good, so it's just so wonderful to have it as part of your routine.

Can I dry brush with sensitive skin?
I would skip over the face and areas where there is open skin rashes, warts, sores, or burns and stop if you develop inflamed or irritated skin.

What is the best thing to do after dry brushing?
Dry brushing exfoliates your skin removing dead skin cells, so I highly recommend shower time afterward and then following up with your favorite lotion and/or oil.  I would love to show you my absolute healing, healthy, and hydrating oil and lotion that I use on my body daily and weekly.

Where can I get a Dry Brush?
I suggest a reputable wellness company that already has organic healthy options.  
This week, my favorite skin care company is offering a dry brush  with a very healthy bar soap to wash your body with after you use the dry brush and then my favorite body treatment oil is in the Body Confidence Collection. I am interested in getting this box!

If you are interested in learning more about your skin, please visit my Facebook Page, where I have a great community of women learning together.

Remember that I am always here to guide you, should you have any questions about your health or starting daily habits that will bless your life.
What do you think? Would you be keen to try dry brushing?
With Love,

Mercury effects on your body

Mercury effects on your body
I started my healing journey in 2006 . 
I'm here to help YOU heal in all areas of life.  Yes, I love to start off with hydration and then food and then work my way into other areas, if and when you're ready.  If you're still trying to get hydration down, I'll meet you right where you are!  You're invited to sign up for my Hydration Course

 But if you're here to learn and grow in deeper subjects, I'm here for YOU that way, too.
Today, I'm digging into the ROOT of mercury in the mouth.

My Mercury Journey:
  Back in 2006, I heard about amalgam fillings containing mercury, so I searched for a dentist to have them safely removed and stopped after having half of my mercury out.  In 2024, I finally finished the process of getting the other half of my mouth done, and I am FREE of all mercury in my mouth now!   If you have symptoms you're experiencing and can't find relief, this may be your answer, so let's go into this topic with an open mind. I know I sure did have to open my mind up to even process why mercury was put into my mouth as a little girl in the first place.

What is Amalgam?"In dentistry, amalgam is an alloy of mercury used to fill teeth cavities. It is made by mixing a combination of liquid mercury and particles of solid metals such as silver, copper or tin." Google

You might actually know them as “mercury fillings” or “silver fillings.” Chances are, if you’ve ever had a cavity filled, it’s been filled with amalgam, which was one of the most commonly used tooth fillings for tooth decay. 

What is mercury poisoning?
"Elemental mercury, if inhaled, can cause permanent lung damage and potential brain damage. Inorganic mercury can damage kidneys and cause blood loss. Organic mercury can damage your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Large amounts of mercury or long-term exposure can lead to death if not treated."  Google

If you have these silver fillings, you have mercury in your body.  Every time you chew, especially gum, it releases mercury.  A filling that’s in your mouth for decades has a lot of time and many daily opportunities to release mercury into your tissues.

Mercury poisoning is typically not a health problem that occurs overnight. It takes time for mercury levels to build up in the blood. Naturally, mercury slowly leaves the body through urine, feces and breast milk. Mercury can be absorbed into your bloodstream. It can then travel throughout your body and penetrate the cells of various tissues and organs where it can remain stored up for years, which can cause symptoms that you may or may not realize are the result of mercury poisoning. Mercury serves zero purpose in our bodies, which means we ideally want to reduce our mercury exposure as much as possible.

What does this powerful poison of mercury do to your body?
Mercury is toxic and depresses immune function, making it difficult for the body to fight infections and cancer.    Exposure of mercury can result in permanent damage to the brain and kidneys.   Even small amounts can damage the heart, lungs, liver, pituitary, adrenals, blood cells, enzymes and hormones.  It also displaces iodine, lowering thyroid function.  Mercury attacks the nervous system and may be involved in autism, multiple sclerosis, ADHD and other nervous system problems.

What are symptoms?
Metallic taste in the mouth
Difficulty breathing
Bad cough
Swollen, bleeding gums

Heavy metals like mercury in Amalgam fillings are toxins that block hormone receptors causing hormone resistance which can lead to symptoms of fatigue, trouble adapting to stress, weight loss resistance, increased pain, trouble sleeping, brain fog, decreased libido, anxiety, depression, candida, autoimmune diseases, food allergies and irritable bowl syndrome.

There is a safe protocol to follow when removing the mercury from your teeth and the days following to safely excrete from your body in which I will be detailing in the future.

I'm here to equip, educate and encourage you on your health journey, no matter where you are at.  This may be rooted too deep for you now and that is ok, but I know some of my ladies are ready to hear about mercury exposure.

Sending all my love and prayers to you on your health journey, no matter where you're at.

Be True to Your Teeth or They Will Be False to You!

Be True to Your Teeth or They Will Be False to You!
I learned some VALUABLE information in 2006 and just realized that now we're reaping the benefits of it, so I want to share this information with you.  My children were not born yet, an infant, a toddler and a 6-year-old back when I learned what you eat effects your teeth.  I grew up going to the dentist and having cavities every single time.  I wanted a different life for my children, so I started learning about health and what food could do for the development of their teeth.

Do you want to keep your teeth healthy and try to prevent cavities?
Of course, you do!  Who wants to go through tooth pain or work done at the dentist?  No one.

I believe that improved nutrition is the ultimate answer to dental problems.
We need to eat foods that will be nutritious and help strengthen our teeth and gums.  Grass-fed meat, fish, whole grains, healthy oils and vegetables promote a healthy mouth, whereas refined sugars, devitalized flours and processed vegetable oils is a root of our dental problems.

If you want healthy teeth, you should begin by adopting a healthy diet!
Tooth decay, gum disease and impacted wisdom teeth and other issues are all indications of a lack of necessary nutrients in your diet.

If you would like to learn how you can nourish your mouth with foods from the grocery store, I would love to help you and have it trickle down into your family and the health of their teeth.  You see, all four of my children have straight teeth and I attribute it to the nutrition they got when they were in the womb and growing up.  I spent money on healthy foods instead of braces for them.  All of them have nice, beautiful teeth.  

I also bought them natural products for brushing and set clear guidelines at the dentist when they got their teeth cleaned.  

What herbs can also impact your teeth?
Xylitol is one of the allies in helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.  Using xylitol candy, gum and/or toothpaste has been shown to reduce tooth decay because the cavity-causing bacteria that thrive on sugar can't survive on Xylitol.

Black Walnut and White Oak Bark are also two great herbal remedies for stronger and healthier teeth.   Both have anti-cavity and antimicrobial properties and have been used to treat gingivitis, bleeding gums and loose teeth.

Essential oils are antiseptic and will penetrate tissue to reach bacteria lodged in deeper areas.  They also encourage the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to improve the vitality of cells.  We've used Clove oil and Olive oil to reduce mouth pain.  It's also a disinfectant.   Tea Tree oil is also used to stimulate circulation and fight infection.

I've used herbs and oils from Nature's Sunshine since 2006.  



Have you ever thought that nutrition and lifestyle can have an effect on your teeth?
I will be sending a series of mouth blogs, but in the meantime I  hope you start hydrating and eating to bless your teeth.  
I would love to help you restock your kitchen from the grocery store.  If you would like a step-by-step guide to getting off sugar to help your teeth, you can find more here:
Smile, it lets your teeth breath,

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