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Protein is found across your whole body. It is in your muscles and bones, your skin and hair, and nearly every other body part or tissue.
Protein is essential to your body. Without sufficient protein, our bodies start to age at a faster rate.  And as we age, we need more protein to be able to build strong bones and muscles.  Our muscles, organs, bones, cartilage, skin, and the antibodies that guard against disease are all made of protein.  Without protein, none of these can repair themselves.

Protein can be balanced out by adding in collagen, whey protein, gelatin, and/or plant protein powders.
Here are some great sources of protein that you can use in your daily lifestyle:
Trim Healthy Mama is all about anchoring each meal and snack with protein.  When you’re preparing to eat, ask yourself where your protein is.  Protein takes priority!  
Protein is the secret weapon in your arsenal against excess body fat.  Protein steadies your blood sugar, which is what Trim Healthy Mama is all about.  Protein repairs your body and helps fill you up to control your cravings.
Long-term weight loss can only happen when rollercoastering blood sugar is brought under control.  Protein is the only food to shut off hunger.
Protein stabilizes blood sugar, slashes the cravings and snack monster, and builds a calorie-burning and strong body.
The healthiest protein approach is to have a nice balance of both plant and animal. So have your meat proteins in some meals and balance them out with these other options. It creates a well-balanced body that is nourished and healthy.
Here are some great recommendations for protein powders:

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As you can see, these products have so many great benefits and they are so easy to use!
Take a look at these awesome recipes:

Pristine Whey Powder Recipes:
Whey smoothies are great for after your workouts.  Whey is good to feed your muscles and for recovery.

Trim Train Taco Soup
Click on the link below for this amazing recipe:

Creamy Dreamy Recipes

Creamy dreamy is made from hemp seed. It is completely defatted and only has that wonderful anti-inflammatory protein that is so good for us. There is no hemp flavor, color or taste.
You can use it in place of whey for everything. It doesn't fluff as whey does in shakes, so it's great for adding protein without added air. It also doesn't curdle in hot things like oatmeal or trimmies.

Trim Healthy Mama also has amazing recipes to use with their products! 
Here are some good ones for you to try if you want to see how to use Creamy Dreamy in your meals.

Gelatin Recipe:

I do hope you enjoy making these recipes!

For more information about Collagen, take a look at this


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