Healthy Remedies for Colds and Flu
 Are sickies bringing you down?!

Growing up, it was so normal for me to have an earache, sore throat and be stuffy. Finding real, whole foods, solved that problem for me. Now I know it's not normal, and I can't stand having any symptoms!  November has been the only month that may bring a stuffy nose in our house now, and we are able to stop it from going further with my go-to's at the first sign of something coming on.

My number one tip is to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of these drinks that have healing properties in them.

My top picks for sore throat and congestion:

1. Singing Canary
You can find the Singing Canary Recipe here:
Lemon is the healing superfood in the top three drinks.

Turmeric is anti-everything!

Salt is great for hydration and electrolytes.

2:  Hello Health Sipper
You can find my Hello Health video recipe here.
Use the code FHC to watch it!

Baobab is loaded with Vitamin C and is in the top three drinks.
You can grab that here.

3:  Boost Juice
Juice is very high in sugar and can make your blood sugar spike! But at THM we do love fruit! THM has a great way to get your fruit juice in, without the spike. 
You can watch THM's video on Boost Juice here.

4:  Bone Broth 
It's anti-everything and boosts your immunity and gives you protein.

5:  Soups 
Hot liquids, particularly hot broth soups, improve mucus congestion to clear nasal cavities. The warm liquids are also soothing to a sore throat.
Hot soup provides a fantastic meal to supply you with nutrients when sick, while also keeping you hydrated and feeling less stuffy.
Find my video on soups here.
Remember the fhc code when watching.

6: Vegetables
Fresh vegetables are packed with the nutrients, hydration and vitamins your body needs to recover.  

7:  Zevia Ginger Ale
If you feel like you need to drink soda to help you feel better, you can reach for Zevia Sodas. They are delicious and sugar-free!

8:  Elderberry Tea
Elderberry tea is a warm and soothing drink that helps ward off colds and flu. These inky purple berries from the Sambucus tree are loaded with vitamins, minerals and immune-boosting compounds. 

9:  Echinacea Tea
Echinacea shortens the duration of the common cold and flu and reduces symptoms such as sore throat, cough and fever. It helps boost the immune system and helps the body fight infections. 

10:  Throat Coat Tea
The Throat Coat Tea does exactly what the name entails - it coats your throat! This is a great tea to drink when you are feeling sick because it soothes your throat while boosting your immune system.

If you want to really heal quickly, I highly recommend putting Manuka honey in your hot teas.

These are some of my best remedies to help me feel better when I, or any member of my family, is feeling sick.

I am so grateful that I found a lifestyle that uses healthy food as medicine and promotes a healthy lifestyle. If you're keen to learn about the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, take a look at my Firm Foundation by clicking the button below.

My hope for you is that you will be able to use these remedies to boost the health of your whole family!


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  1. I haven’t been in THM long and I appreciate these suggestions. I am. 66 and live in PA so these ideas are great for it does get cold here, but I do rely on the Lord for health and healing. We also have to take care of our temple which God has given us. Appreciate you and this group for all the help. Thank you

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