Mercury effects on your body
I started my healing journey in 2006 . 
I'm here to help YOU heal in all areas of life.  Yes, I love to start off with hydration and then food and then work my way into other areas, if and when you're ready.  If you're still trying to get hydration down, I'll meet you right where you are!  You're invited to sign up for my Hydration Course

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Today, I'm digging into the ROOT of mercury in the mouth.

My Mercury Journey:
  Back in 2006, I heard about amalgam fillings containing mercury, so I searched for a dentist to have them safely removed and stopped after having half of my mercury out.  In 2024, I finally finished the process of getting the other half of my mouth done, and I am FREE of all mercury in my mouth now!   If you have symptoms you're experiencing and can't find relief, this may be your answer, so let's go into this topic with an open mind. I know I sure did have to open my mind up to even process why mercury was put into my mouth as a little girl in the first place.

What is Amalgam?"In dentistry, amalgam is an alloy of mercury used to fill teeth cavities. It is made by mixing a combination of liquid mercury and particles of solid metals such as silver, copper or tin." Google

You might actually know them as “mercury fillings” or “silver fillings.” Chances are, if you’ve ever had a cavity filled, it’s been filled with amalgam, which was one of the most commonly used tooth fillings for tooth decay. 

What is mercury poisoning?
"Elemental mercury, if inhaled, can cause permanent lung damage and potential brain damage. Inorganic mercury can damage kidneys and cause blood loss. Organic mercury can damage your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Large amounts of mercury or long-term exposure can lead to death if not treated."  Google

If you have these silver fillings, you have mercury in your body.  Every time you chew, especially gum, it releases mercury.  A filling that’s in your mouth for decades has a lot of time and many daily opportunities to release mercury into your tissues.

Mercury poisoning is typically not a health problem that occurs overnight. It takes time for mercury levels to build up in the blood. Naturally, mercury slowly leaves the body through urine, feces and breast milk. Mercury can be absorbed into your bloodstream. It can then travel throughout your body and penetrate the cells of various tissues and organs where it can remain stored up for years, which can cause symptoms that you may or may not realize are the result of mercury poisoning. Mercury serves zero purpose in our bodies, which means we ideally want to reduce our mercury exposure as much as possible.

What does this powerful poison of mercury do to your body?
Mercury is toxic and depresses immune function, making it difficult for the body to fight infections and cancer.    Exposure of mercury can result in permanent damage to the brain and kidneys.   Even small amounts can damage the heart, lungs, liver, pituitary, adrenals, blood cells, enzymes and hormones.  It also displaces iodine, lowering thyroid function.  Mercury attacks the nervous system and may be involved in autism, multiple sclerosis, ADHD and other nervous system problems.

What are symptoms?
Metallic taste in the mouth
Difficulty breathing
Bad cough
Swollen, bleeding gums

Heavy metals like mercury in Amalgam fillings are toxins that block hormone receptors causing hormone resistance which can lead to symptoms of fatigue, trouble adapting to stress, weight loss resistance, increased pain, trouble sleeping, brain fog, decreased libido, anxiety, depression, candida, autoimmune diseases, food allergies and irritable bowl syndrome.

There is a safe protocol to follow when removing the mercury from your teeth and the days following to safely excrete from your body in which I will be detailing in the future.

I'm here to equip, educate and encourage you on your health journey, no matter where you are at.  This may be rooted too deep for you now and that is ok, but I know some of my ladies are ready to hear about mercury exposure.

Sending all my love and prayers to you on your health journey, no matter where you're at.


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