Sensational Smoothies: Trim Healthy Superfood Fast Food Nutritious Smoothie FP, E or S style
Let's talk SMOOTHIES!

Happy National Smoothie Day!

A smoothie is a great way to add all those great superfoods to your diet.
I love a good protein smoothie for quick nourishment, plus you can make them S, E, FP or XO to suit your needs.

Here are my favorite smoothie add ons:

Charity's Superfood Smoothie Tutorial

Watch your waistline and how you feel change with Superfood smoothies!  You'll never get bored and always have a fast food option!

Keys to success:
Protein-rich (at least 20 grams)
Fat source to help nutrients get into your body (5 grams for FP and E or more for S)
Superfoods to help increase immunity and health
Veggie full to provide satiety and fiber.
 (I put my greens in my smoothie, and then love to add raw veggies on the side with sea salt to chew on because this helps me feel more full due to the action of eating my food)

Let's make some smoothies!

Try THM's Trim Healthy Fuel Pull Kefir, Chia Okra, Baobab, Greens, Ashwagandha, and Maca Superfood Smoothie:

If you're interested in the beet powder, you can find it linked on this page:

Here's some more smoothie ideas:

You can find more great options in the smoothie section of all the Trim Healthy Mama books.

Here are my favorite smoothies found in the THM books:
Chocolate-Covered Cherry Shake, E, THT, page 471
Whipped Pina Colada Shake, THT, E, page 477

If you need to make a meal in a hurry, make a quick smoothie packed with nutrients that will keep you full for up to 3 hours!

If you also need grocery store or gas station fast food, I have created a drive-thru Sue guide to help you find all the store-bought goodies!

Will you try a smoothie today?
I can't wait to hear what you think.



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