Salt of the Earth

I hope this salt lesson will change your mind and not leave you feeling salty!
  I am going to share all the reasons that the right salt can change your life!  The word salt in Greek is halas and describes the salt we use in our kitchens.  Salt is a common household item now, but in New Testament times, salt was expensive and a treasured commodity that was crucial and needed in the home.  High-quality salt could only be found in a few places in Israel like the Hill of Salt and in the Dead Sea. Gathering the salt was an expensive process, which made salt very costly.  Salt was a commodity so rare that it was used sparingly, highly valued, and not wasted. 

Let's learn why salt was so precious back in Bible times.

1:  Salt was used as a flavor enhancer.
Salt is one of the most profound taste enhancers in our culinary world. It's vital in our kitchens.  Unsalted food is bland, but when salt is added, the flavor is enhanced giving the food a richer and stronger flavor.  

2:  Salt was used as a preservative.
In Israel, it was hot, so the meat would spoil and rot quickly.  
Salt was added to preserve the food.  
Did you know that unsalted butter will go bad faster than salted butter?

3:  Salt was used as an antiseptic.
Disease and dirt were very common in the ancient world. Salt was used as an antiseptic in areas that were considered contaminated or unclean.  Salt in heavy doses would work like a disinfectant to sterilize the environments that needed to be cleansed or to be germ-free to prevent the spreading of disease.  Salt was such a powerful cleansing force that the ancient world believed it would assist in freeing the area of infection.

4:  Salt was used as a medicinal and healing agent.
Salt used to be poured into wounds to sanitize them from germs, stop bleeding, stop the spread of infection, and speed up the healing process.  Salt contained healing properties in a world where medications were rare, so salt was found in the medical bag of doctors.

5: Salt was used as a fertilizer.
Salt was an important ingredient used by farmers to enrich and fertilize their soil to produce larger crops and of higher quality. It improved the soil and resulted in healthier and bigger crops.  The best salt nourished the earth.

Let's look at more benefits of sea salt today!

I hope you understand this special salt is not your ordinary white table salt.

 Let's look at how to buy your salt.

You can purchase Trim Healthy high mineral salt here:

Redmond salt is simple and doesn't contain any artificial additives or unhealthy pollutants. It's not stripped of beneficial trace minerals. It's sea salt the way nature made it - nothing is added and nothing is taken away. It is unrefined sea salt mined from an ancient seabed where it's safe from modern pollutants. It's pure, unprocessed, and full of trace minerals that give it one-of-a-kind nutritional benefits.

Now, let's look at what the "you are the salt of the earth"  verse means in Matthew.

1:  Salt as a flavor enhancer.
Our personal presence should also change the flavor of society as we bring the savor of Christ to wherever we go.

2:  Salt as a preservative.
Through our influence, we should be a preserving force in a world that is filled with rot, decay, and spoil. God's word working in our lives causes us to be like salt and our presence helps reduce the corruption that is eating away at the world.

3:  Salt as an antiseptic.
We are called to be spiritual antiseptic to a world that is diseased with sin.  Even a small dose of spiritual salt we carry within ourselves is a powerful disinfecting agent that if scattered in your world will help deter the spread of sin and moral decay.

4:  Salt as a medicinal and healing agent.
We should be carriers of physical healing to a world that is suffering from sickness and disease.  Be the salt of the earth to help carry healing to those who are struggling physically.

5: Salt as a fertilizer.
Salt of the earth translates as the salt of the soil.  We are to enrich the soil and atmosphere around us by making this world a better place to live by positively impacting the quality of life for those around us.

When you are seasoned with salt, you will speak --
Words that flavor life and make it taste better.
Words that bring preservation.
Words that bring healing to the sick.
Words that disinfect and free those who were contaminated.
Words that are so faith-filled, they create a blessed environment around us.

Charity's tips for Real Salt:
1:  Drink Salt water first thing in the morning.
2:  Put salt in all your TH sippers.
3: Drink salt water before your workout.
4:  Add salt liberally to enhance your food.

Do you need an electrolyte drink?  
Here is my favorite, but with an added 1/4 tsp of real salt:

Hypertension and high blood pressure are not a real salt intake problem.
  It's a salt retention problem.  Salt retention happens in the kidneys which is driven by excess insulin.  Lowering insulin by getting sugar, refined carbs, and devitalized foods out of your diet will improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. If you would like to learn more about this, I have step-by-step actions you can take in my Firm Foundation course that will teach you how to transform your everyday kitchen products, like salt, into an extraordinary mind and body.  

I encourage you all:
Don't forget to add mineral salt to your diet... and don't forget to be salt in the world!


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