A Sip of Paradise

I'm all about drinks that are super fast, healthy, quench my thirst, and remind me of paradise, palm trees, and the tropics!

Let's introduce the Bird of Paradise Sipper!

You can sip on this all day long. 
You may want to make it in bulk as your family will sneak your drink
 because it's so delightful!

This sipper is fast because you only need limes, a healthy sweetener, and coconut flavor.
Let's look at what limes do for you.

My favorite coconut flavor can be found here:

What I love about TH sippers is that they hydrate you without unnecessary calories, keep you satisfied between meals and give you a health boost. 

Look what happens when you're dehydrated:
THM has a lot of bird name sippers. 
 This Bird of Paradise is not an actual bird, but an ornamental plant native to South Africa. The plant is grown outdoors in warm climates and as a houseplant for its attractive foliage and unusual flowers.  It unfurls boldly tinted blooms that resemble birds in flight. 

A healthy, mature plant can produce up to 36 flower spikes each year.
Birds of paradise flowers last for about three weeks before dropping their petals and dying. 

My husband gifted me these two Bird of Paradise plants because he knows how much I love the Trim Healthy lifestyle and is aware of their bird-themed sippers. 

Let's make the sip of paradise together!

This sipper is a cousin to the famous lemon sipper

If you need help with your adrenals, this sipper was created with you in mind!  It healed my adrenals in 2013, and it is super refreshing!



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