Bountiful Bread of Heaven
Hello, Lovely!
Staying on the THM eating plan can sometimes be challenging, especially if you don’t have the time to make everything from scratch.
Bread is a particularly difficult pitfall for most because it’s so easy to grab and make a quick sandwich.

Have no fear though, I am always here to help!
When it comes to bread, you need to look for Sprouted or Soured bread, as it’s easier on the digestive system.

Sprouted bread:  
With sprouted bread, it has to meet two requirements:

 The requirements for Sourdough are slightly different:

For sprouted the first ingredient needs to be sprouted flour of whatever the bread is made of. 
For sourdough, the first ingredient needs to be whole wheat, or any flour in the whole form, and they cannot use yeast in the ingredients as most of the time when they do it’s not soured properly. Sourdough needs to ferment at room temp for at least 7 hours or fridge ferment for at least 24 hours!
An on-plan sourdough needs to be made primarily from whole grain flour, such as whole wheat flour.
While yeast is not off-plan, we use it as a "clue" in sourdough bread. To fit plan guidelines, a sourdough needs to ferment at room temperature for a minimum of 7 hours. So when we find yeast in store-bought sourdough, it's typically used to speed up the fermenting process. Abbreviating the fermenting process makes it fall outside of the 7-hour minimum guideline.
A couple of times, we have encountered true sourdoughs that have a small amount of yeast added to a loaf for the extra rise and better crumb. In these rare cases, yeast is one of the last ingredients because it's such a tiny amount.
When in doubt, it's a good idea to send the bread manufacturer an email to inquire how long they ferment their sourdough.

To summarize, take note of the requirements for each:

Where Can I buy this bread?

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to store-bought bread, you just need to know which brands to look for. 
I’ve compiled a list of On-Plan bread below. 
Click on each picture for the link to purchase.

How to Eat (& Like) Sprouted Bread
If you have not eaten sprouted bread before, it does take a little adjusting to. 
Especially if you are coming from a super soft white bread. 
So what is the key to liking sprouted bread?
Try toasting the bread! 
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If you DO want to bake your own bread, you can’t go wrong with THM’s Fuel Pull No Carb Easy Bread.
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Or you can use this recipe with THM’s Baking Blend.

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I do hope you found this blog helpful!
Remember I am here to empower you to make healthy, on-plan, choices that will boost your overall health and help you reach your THM goals!
Please feel free to reach out and contact me if you need any extra help and support!




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