Swap Don't Stop!

I want to bless your health journey with some easy swaps that you can make at the store.  Staying on plan can be daunting in the beginning, considering how many products in stores are heavily laden with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients for your body.

When you're on the Trim Healthy plan, I don't want you to feel left out or deprived in any way! That's why I want to share Healthy Swap Outs with you, so that you can still live in food freedom AND get healthier.  I also want to let you know that not every single item in a brand line is on plan, so please remember to check your labels.  

Feeling thirsty, but you don't have your favorite THM Sipper nearby?
Make sure you're looking for Body Armor "Lyte" with the silver cap!

Feeling for something salty and crunchy? I've got you covered:Popcorners are only on plan in the Sea Salt and Queso variety. They are an E. Their other flavors have additives, which makes them not an ideal choice.

But, Charity, I have such a sweet tooth! Not a problem if you choose well:

Not all JoJo's are on plan, so look for the pictures above.
  When buying Think bars, look for "Keto" in the black box on the left of bar.

Make progress easier by stocking your pantry with the proper ingredients:

Don't forget to get healthy oils:

When you only have time for a quick sandwich, choose one of these:

But what is bread without BUTTER?! 
Make sure you reach for the purest form of butter you can find.

Here are some great options if you're feeling for wraps:
Low carb wraps are what TH calls a personal choice frankenfood, meaning that they have less than optimal ingredients, but can work once in a while with your meals. 
Look for ones that have 6g of NET carbs or less.

Or perhaps you're more into tortilla chips?
Look no further for healthy swap-out options:

I also have great cracker options for you to try:

Feeling for some yogurt?
 Yogurt can be tricky because companies are often changing their ingredients. 

Making these healthy swaps will help you on your health journey and keep your progress going.

If you need any more help or would like to read more in-depth about a particular food, check out my blog
for more helpful tips and product recommendations.



  1. This is an excellent resource, Charity. Well done. Good work.
  2. Exactly what I needed. Thank you
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    Thank you so much for this!!!

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