Mosquito, Tick and Bug Spray
Summertime is fabulous, but I think we can all agree that we don't care for the bugs, mosquitoes and ticks that come along with it.  
Have you ever thought about what you're using to ward off the pesky mosquitoes and bugs? 
 Traditional bug sprays like DEET
 is absorbed quickly through the skin and is linked to 
skin blisters, dry skin, seizures, memory loss, headaches, stiffness in the joints, shortness of breath, skin irritation and the list goes on.  These type of chemical-laden products smell horrible and don't even work most of the time.

You want to avoid:

Let's take a look at the health conditions! This is why this is important!

I have great news for you on how to help using essential oils that naturally repel the insects.How can lemongrass help?  I think lemongrass is my favorite smell and it is even more appealing to me seeing all the benefits it has besides keeping the bugs away!

I have made my own repellant out of essential oils, 
but I want to introduce you to two products that I absolutely love because

it smells heavenly and like lemon🍋
it repels mosquitoes and ticks🦟
it hydrates the skin 💦
it cleanses, softens and invigorates skin
it relaxes and awakens my senses
and I can use it daily as part of routine instead of just when I'm outside

First, I start with my favorite shower gel.This contains white tea essential oil. What else does white tea do for your body?
After the shower, I follow up with the best Summer lotion because it smells wonderful, it will help keep anything from sucking the life out of me and it makes my skin soft and hydrated.
So which one do you prefer?  This or that?
I hope you realize how important it is to keep the chemicals off your body!

You can find the Raining Zen Collection here:



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