Moisturizer for nighttime that is extra luxurious.

Do you need that extra luxurious winding-down spa time at night to get you ready for bed and to soak your skin full of anti-aging and hydrating benefits while you sleep?
Let me introduce you to this oil serum!

Why do I need a serum over a moisturizer?
A serum does the most correcting of problems for the skin and gets the nutrients to deeper layers of the skin that a cream is unable to reach and a cream does the most hydrating.  
Serums have the smallest molecules and are highly concentrated, and extremely potent.  Serums are the powerhouse of correcting damage to the skin. 

Midnight Oil is a serum that -
•Moisturizing facial serum enriched with antioxidant and essential oils
•Helps your skin retain moisture
•Protects from dryness
•Creates a glow from the inside out
•Use nightly to produce radiant skin while you sleep

What are the star ingredients?
Marula Oil

What are 20 health benefits to Marula Oil?

What is another added benefit?
Some notice a significant growth in their eyelashes and eyebrows after using this!
 It’s one of the benefits of the Marula Oil. 🖤

How do I use this?
Massage into clean skin with circular, upward strokes as a nightly skin care.

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