Body Oil with Benefits
I want to introduce you to my favorite body oil that is an incredible multi-tasker,
 with star ingredients, and is an amazing addition to your skin care routine!

This body treatment oil, Dew Confidence, was specially developed to firm and smooth while providing all-day moisture.  
It’s great for so many things like --
🍋Reduces lines and wrinkles
🍋Spider veins
🍋Stretch Marks
🍋Tones and tightens
🍋Heals Wounds
🍋 Eczema
💚 Psoriasis
💚 Hydration
💚 Cellulite
💚 Varicose Veins
💚 Stretch Marks
💚 Collagen Repair

I love the star ingredients because they are Anti-Inflammatory, Antiseptic and are Antioxidants!My favorite place to put it is on my neck and upper chest.
Dew Confidence firming body treatment oil contains an aromatic essential oil blend of Hazelnut, Rosemary, Geranium and Mint to visibly firm, tone and improve elasticity of the skin. Hazelnut oil, rich in Omega 9 and Vitamin E, locks in moisture to smooth skin while the lightweight formula absorbs instantly.

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