The Importance of Water

Good Morning, Sunshine!
Water was the very first thing I implemented on my health journey.  I started drinking half my ounces of weight in water every day.    I’m going to share with you the second change I made 16 years ago that was a part of my water intake that I think had a really massive impact, even though it was pretty simple.  It includes three very powerful ingredients and very little time. 

Good Morning video

 I encourage you to do it over and over and over again first thing in the morning until it becomes your daily habit.  
This is called the Morning Detox Drink.

You can make this to your taste, start off slow and work your way up to what you can handle. 

 You can boil water or just use warm water, fresh lemon, or use bottled lemon.   

Here is the brand I use when I don’t have fresh lemons:

The lemon juice washes out toxins in the body, while the cayenne stimulates the circulatory system and helps regulate your blood sugar. 

This sunshine in a mug also has these amazing benefits:

Lemon is also great to put in your water throughout the day.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself and see the difference in your day!

Here is a testimony on adding water to your daily routine:

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  1. I do this most every day as well, and feel that it helps energize me. I do it the 1st thing in the a.m., just as soon as I go to the kitchen. I do prefer half a lemon over the Pure Lemon Juice, but sometimes I run out, so have to use the Pure Lemon Juice from Lakewood. I sure haven't done it faithfully for as many years as our coach, but I highly recommend it, and think it is well worth the effort.
  2. Rozhelen sue Bauder  08/27/2022 11:56 AM Central
    Really interested
  3. Are you actually using the lemons from your lemon trees to make this? Are they big enough and you have enough of them for that?? Wow!! That is fantastic!!

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