Red Light Therapy

Have you heard of Red-Light Therapy?


This is new for me, but I feel like I can give a testimonial on it because my whole family has used something very similar to it for many years.

I use it consistently every single day and I noticed all the benefits from it shown below. 



The red light I have is wonderful because it's on wheels! This allows me to multitask while doing it! With the previous one I'd been using for years, I had to be laying down. 

 I'm a multitasking kind of gal, so I'm loving this red light on wheels! 

Beside the multitasking benefits, here are some amazing changes you will see: 

During devotions and when everyone is in the same space, you better believe the red light is on in my home!

Watch my video here:


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Have you ever tried a red light? What did you think?


With Love,



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