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Do you have a favorite makeup product that you just love? I sure do! My favorite product is LimeLife foundation!

Take a look at these amazing benefits:

It feels like skin
It looks like skin
It’s lightweight
It’s available in 34 shades
It is Highly Pigmented
You get Customizable Coverage
It has a Natural-Looking Finish
It’s Vegan
It is Paraben-Free
It is also Gluten-Free
It is wax-based
It doesn't soak into pores
It’s healthy for your skin
I also love combining my foundation with a great concealer, for a perfectly smooth and even finish.  The concealer is HIGHLY PIGMENTED, and it effectively corrects, covers skin discolorations, blemishes, and tattoos. It has a wax base, is water-resistant, long-wearing, and a great primer. It’s also super lightweight!

How do I find the right foundation for me?

Finding the right shade CAN BE DIFFICULT but have no fear, we’ve made it easy for you! 
You can simply click on the link below and take the quiz. 
It’s super simple and you’ll be one step away from letting your beauty shine!
LimeLife Foundations cost $36, and the Concealer is $24. 
You can shop for these great products by clicking the link below. 
It will take you straight to my LimeLife store, where you can see the SPECIALS 
that are happening right now!

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