Sunshine and Sun care
Let's talk about all things SUN!  

Did you know that vitamin D deficiency is becoming more common due to sun fears?  Sunscreen can block your body from the sun, but also from Vitamin D.  Vitamin D deficiency is linked to everything from obesity, depression, mental illness, hormonal imbalances, and even cancer.  If you're choosing to use traditional sunscreens, you are swapping Vitamin D for chemical absorption. 
I love the SUN!  I like to be in the sun, and I'm not a huge fan of sunscreen, but there are times when it's needed! After all, I have raised three toeheads, and we live in Michigan.  Sometimes, sunblock needs to be worn to protect your skin.
  I have some great, non-toxic, HEALTHY options for you!

Here is a great option for your skin after you've gotten burned:

I've read the labels and muscle-tested the ingredients, and I'm so happy with these sun care products.  I love the way they feel and how they do their job and they are healthy for me. 



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