On Plan Gas Station Food
Have you heard of Buc-ee's?
  We visited our first one in Texas in 2017 and never forgot the experience.
We found a brand-new one in Alabama and Kentucky and had to stop!
What is Buc-ee's?
Buc- ee's is a chain of travel centers known for clean bathrooms and many fueling positions.
(Red letters mean videos to watch)

You can check out their website here:

Believe me, when I say, there are A LOT of gas pumps. 
Take a drive with us and I'll show you!

Buck-ee's most sought-after food is their beaver caramel popcorn nuggets.  Of course, these are filled with sugar and off-plan inflammatory oils, but...

You can stay on the Trim Healthy Mama plan everywhere, including gas stations.  Here is a list of foods and snacks that I found at the gas station:

My husband bought coffee in a Buc-ee's cup.

S Salad options:

Take a look at my video on Gas Station food options here:

S Snack Food options:

Looks for items with no sugar and only on-plan healthy oils.

E Options:
Fuel Pull Options:

I love that you can stay on-plan anywhere!

If you need help learning to read labels and living a healthier lifestyle, I have a step-by-step guide for you! Just click on the picture below for more information.

I was so proud of my youngest son, for picking out a healthy and on-plan snack!
Have you been to a Buc-ee's?
My favorite part was the clean large bathroom, the Christian music playing, and the humongous size of it!



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