What is Kefir?
  It's a fermented milk drink that is a little tangy.
 It's like a drinkable yogurt.
It's an amazing probiotic that works on your gut health.
It's a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Kefir has been around forever and was used as a way to preserve milk before there was refrigeration.  The good bacteria helps kill any bad bacteria in the milk and eats up all the milk sugars making it have high qualities of good bacteria.  
Kefir does the same thing to your gut, so kefir is your answer to any gut issues you may have!

What are the benefits of Kefir?Kefir is full of tryptophan, which is why it helps you sleep better!  Kefir also helps with anxiety because serotonin is made in the gut and sent to the brain.  Kefir heals the gut, so your serotonin levels will also balance.

Another favorite of kefir is the skin benefits! Let's look at those!

Where do I get kefir?
You can purchase unsweetened, plain kefir from the store.  Our store carries the Lifeway brand.  It looks like this:

As you can see, store-bought is an E or XO on the TH plan.  It's better to have store-bought kefir than not have kefir at all in your diet, but I highly encourage making your own kefir because it has 50 microbe strains versus the 3-4 in store-bought kefir.  The homemade is way more nourishing and a whole lot tastier!
  Really, there is no comparison between the two.

I have good news, making your own kefir is cheaper and not hard or time consuming!

What do you need?
You will also need glass jars, lids, a small holed strainer and a wooden spoon.

Let's unbox my very healthy kefir grains from Cultured Food Life.

Kefir grains look kind of like cottage cheese.

The most complicated part of making homemade kefir is deciding what kind of milk you want to use.  First, you don't need to buy organic milk, as the grains will eat all the milk sugar and anything bad up.  In the videos above, when I first got my grains, I used whole milk or fresh milk directly from the farmer and that would be an S kefir, but now I buy 1% milk to make a Fuel Pull kefir, so I can chose a Fuel Pull, E or S kefir shake on TH plan.

Why Double Ferment?
Double fermenting  increases the nutrients and breaks carbs down even further and turns the kefir milk into a  FP.
Once it separates into curds and whey, it's a FP and all the lactose is eaten up.
Second-fermented kefir will have more nutrients and the vitamins will skyrocket and make it so much more superfoody!  This happens due to the prebiotics in the added fruits. When you add a new fuel source for the microbes in kefir, they begin to grow and multiply, which increases all the vitamins, especially the B vitamins. The taste is even better because it takes away the sourness and mellows out the flavors.

Here is the up-to-date video of how I make my kefir now to save myself even more time!

Would you like to learn anything else?
Take a look at some of my courses I have to offer.
Just click on the picture for more information.Kefir grains really grow fast and you can end up with an abundance, so I love to share my grains with my ladies who sign up with coaching with me!  Just ask me!

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