Heating up your skin prepares it for wonderful and healthy products. While sitting in the sauna is very beneficial, I do understand that not everyone has access to one, or has the time needed to sit in one.
This is another option for those who don't have access to time or a sauna.

The facial steamer is designed to clear pores and stimulate circulation. Steaming your face helps to soften the oil and dirt inside your pores, which makes it super easy to extract blackheads and unclog your pores. 
Also, when you heat up your skin, it becomes more receptive to whatever ingredients you apply on top, making your serums and moisturizers even more effective. 
So basically, steaming takes your skin to the next level! You want to apply your healthy skincare products immediately after you turn off the steam to trap in the hydration.

Take a look at some of the amazing benefits of facial steaming:

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Have you ever tried a facial steamer? What benefits have you experienced?
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