Dynamic Duo Greens Powder -- Moringa and Spirulina
Are you looking for a good detoxifier and cleanser?
Let me introduce you to the king and queen of greens --  Moringa and Spirulina.
What is Moringa?
You can buy these two superfoods separately or buy Trim Healthy's version called Dynamic Duo.
If you have a hard time eating your greens or just want to amp up your health, I suggest this Dynamic Duo superfood powder.
Let's look at all the benefits of this duo.
If you're interested in healing in any of the areas above, I encourage you to buy organic moringa and spirulina.
On the back of the Dynamic Duo bag is a super fast and surprisingly tasty drink called Sweet N Easy Greens Drink using a nut milk and water. 

How do you use this powder?

First up, let's give you an all-day sipper to keep you hydrated.
Are you tired of eating your greens and not in the mood for a salad?
Do you need an elixir to help with weight management or a metabolism boost?

Let me introduce you to a green, creamy slightly sweetened drink!
Earth Milk Sip
TH cookbook, page 402
Trim Healthy Mama original book page 425
There are two versions, the one on the left is the original recipe and the one on the right is the chocolate version.

How about a hot fuel pull drink?
I think the Dynamic Duo works great in this drink.

A cold fuel pull drink is the Super Swig.

Next up, Smoothies!
Hiding the greens powder in your smoothies is also an excellent way to get it in.

Serene created a smoothie that uses a tablespoon of the greens powder.
This is Serene's Bid Dween Smoothie.

Let's move on to some green treats!
Are you wondering what the two green balls were?

My favorite superfood treat to make is Greenie Meanies because they are packed full of healthy goodness, super fast to make and are tasty.
These treats come from Trim Healthy Future and there are two S versions and one E version.  
Let's make the E version above.
The bottom of this pan is the S version of Greenie Meanies using unsweetened coconut flakes.  These freeze well and also are great to keep in the refrigerator for a quick snack or dessert.

Another dessert is Mint Chocolate Chunk Skinny Truffles from the Trim Healthy Cookbook on page 385.
I love to include greens in every meal and the Dynamic Duo makes it easy to do that.
Are you ready to give it a try?

If you have any questions about eating healthy, balancing your blood sugar or getting more greens and superfoods into your diet, I'm here to help you.

Green all day,


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