Be True to Your Teeth or They Will Be False to You!
I learned some VALUABLE information in 2006 and just realized that now we're reaping the benefits of it, so I want to share this information with you.  My children were not born yet, an infant, a toddler and a 6-year-old back when I learned what you eat effects your teeth.  I grew up going to the dentist and having cavities every single time.  I wanted a different life for my children, so I started learning about health and what food could do for the development of their teeth.

Do you want to keep your teeth healthy and try to prevent cavities?
Of course, you do!  Who wants to go through tooth pain or work done at the dentist?  No one.

I believe that improved nutrition is the ultimate answer to dental problems.
We need to eat foods that will be nutritious and help strengthen our teeth and gums.  Grass-fed meat, fish, whole grains, healthy oils and vegetables promote a healthy mouth, whereas refined sugars, devitalized flours and processed vegetable oils is a root of our dental problems.

If you want healthy teeth, you should begin by adopting a healthy diet!
Tooth decay, gum disease and impacted wisdom teeth and other issues are all indications of a lack of necessary nutrients in your diet.

If you would like to learn how you can nourish your mouth with foods from the grocery store, I would love to help you and have it trickle down into your family and the health of their teeth.  You see, all four of my children have straight teeth and I attribute it to the nutrition they got when they were in the womb and growing up.  I spent money on healthy foods instead of braces for them.  All of them have nice, beautiful teeth.  

I also bought them natural products for brushing and set clear guidelines at the dentist when they got their teeth cleaned.  

What herbs can also impact your teeth?
Xylitol is one of the allies in helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.  Using xylitol candy, gum and/or toothpaste has been shown to reduce tooth decay because the cavity-causing bacteria that thrive on sugar can't survive on Xylitol.

Black Walnut and White Oak Bark are also two great herbal remedies for stronger and healthier teeth.   Both have anti-cavity and antimicrobial properties and have been used to treat gingivitis, bleeding gums and loose teeth.

Essential oils are antiseptic and will penetrate tissue to reach bacteria lodged in deeper areas.  They also encourage the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to improve the vitality of cells.  We've used Clove oil and Olive oil to reduce mouth pain.  It's also a disinfectant.   Tea Tree oil is also used to stimulate circulation and fight infection.

I've used herbs and oils from Nature's Sunshine since 2006.  



Have you ever thought that nutrition and lifestyle can have an effect on your teeth?
I will be sending a series of mouth blogs, but in the meantime I  hope you start hydrating and eating to bless your teeth.  
I would love to help you restock your kitchen from the grocery store.  If you would like a step-by-step guide to getting off sugar to help your teeth, you can find more here:
Smile, it lets your teeth breath,


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