Lovely Leafy Greens

We've all heard about how important "Leafy Greens" are, but do you know WHY they are so healthy and vital in your diet? Let's take a look at some of the more popular leafy greens and learn about what makes them SO GREAT!

First, let's start with Spinach:

Now, let's learn about Kale:

And lastly, Romaine Lettuce:

Leafy greens are SO GOOD FOR YOU! You should aim to eat one salad a day!
But remember, the salad dressing you choose is really important. You don't want to undo all the good of the greens by choosing an off-plan dressing.
You can read more about salad dressing in this blog

Another great thing about leafy greens is that they are not only good for salads. You can add them to your breakfast, smoothies, and many more recipes!

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