My absolute favorite part of doing the Trim Healthy plan is the all day sippers!  I call myself the "sipper queen" because I love my drinks so much!  There are so many sippers to enjoy, but I also like specialty drinks like Kombucha because of the benefits.

 Kombucha is not a sipper, but it's a drink that is a Fuel Pull or S friendly up to a half cup due to the carbs in it. 
 My family enjoys it as an E drink in the evenings because we often drink more than a half cup of it.

What is Kombucha?
Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black tea drink commonly consumed for its purported health benefits like your gut health.  Fruit, herbs or other flavorings are often added in the second ferment.  I like to think of kombucha as an all-natural probiotic that will cleanse and heal your gut!  
Here is a store-bought Kombucha we had while on vacation and enjoyed in wine glasses. 
 When buying it from the store, look for 2 grams or less of added sugar. 

What do you need to make Kombucha?
A scoby
 (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast)
Kombucha starter
(This will have a kombucha scoby and 1 cup of already made kombucha tea)
Black Tea or Green Tea
 (this gets eaten up in ferment process)
Glass Jars
A cheesecloth or linen with a rubber band to hold cloth on.
From left to right:
Two black tea bags in boiling water, my scoby hotel and the tea choices I have to make the tea.I'm adding one cup of cane juice crystals to the gallon jar of black tea and I left room at the top to add the scoby and Kombucha starter from the last batch I made.

Where do you get your scoby from?
I got mine from a friend to save money, but Cultured Food Life is my go-to for fermented foods.
I just added pure water to the gallon jar after steeping the tea and letting it cool, so it doesn't hurt the scoby.  Then I placed the scoby and a cup of kombucha from the last batch in the gallon jar.  The scoby is floating in there and will work it's way to the top. I placed cheesecloth over the top.

How do you make Kombucha?
Boil a cup of water and add two black tea bags.  
Let cool.
Put the cooled tea in a gallon glass jar or crock
Add one cup of Cane Sugar
Add the scoby and Kombucha starter
Fill to the top with pure water.
Place a cloth over the opening of the jar and secure with a rubber band.
 (This keeps dust, mold spores, and vinegar flies out of the fermenting tea.)
Let it sit for 10-14 days.
After sitting in an undisturbed and a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight 10-14 days, I prepared a second ferment.
  This is my lemon-ginger double fermented Kombucha.
For this batch, I placed a whole peeled lemon and around three to six inches of peeled fresh ginger in my vitamixer with a little bit of the Kombucha, then used a funnel and distributed it equally among the jars and added in the Kombucha, leaving out the scoby and a cup of the Kombucha starter.
  I leave the second ferment on the counter for three more days and then place in the refrigerator.
I often make drinks in batches for the week!
From left to right:
First ferment Kombucha, kefir, Parrot Punch from Trim Healthy Future, Spuice from the Trim Healthy Membership, Lemon/Ginger Kombucha and Hydrated Hummingbird from Trim Health Future.
From left to right:
Kefir, Strawberry Kombucha on second ferment and the scoby hotel on end.  
(I make Kombucha at 16 minutes in)

I love drinks, so if you would like more information, here are drink blogs I've created to help you on your journey:

I hope you found this information helpful!
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